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    ...co-creating access to a healing-centered wellness and a fully embodied joyfulness.



    I believe in a healing-centered approach to an embodied and integrated practice of well-being. Remembering and experiencing our connection to our bodies, the Earth and to each other are the key elements to a whole state of well-being.


    Our physical and emotional states have cycles, just like the Earth. Once we attune to those cycles, we can access healing and expansion in the most natural and fortifying ways. Meditation, movement, music and mindfulness are a few of the modalities that I believe create the highest value across wellness platforms. With my clients, I co-create culturally relevant programs that feel right for them. I believe in a collaborative approach to direct service because we all deserve to express our own needs, in our own voice.


    I'm a veteran educator, medical professional, entrepreneur, and consultant who has helped numerous people find wellness in their bodies and spirits. Over the past 30 years, I have had direct experience working with youth, adults, communities, schools, organizations, and corporations. I believe in a collaborative approach to direct service, for the people by the people.


    I have a deeply impassioned desire for working directly with individuals 1:1, small groups, whole school communities, and corporate clients.
    I am presently available for new clients and organizations that are committed to working toward integrated wellness.


    May you experience deep well-being in your body.

    May you live in full joy and connection to the Earth.

    May you be liberated and safe in this and all moments.


    breathe deeply,


    jylani ma'at



  • ...offerings


    ... follow the wisdom gained via practice.

    Having had the great fortune to work with and learn from all types of people, have developed a unique ability to identify the cultural and collective energy. Via coaching and consultation, we examine how systems and practices best service the greatest need. We work toward and live into one another's truth. And there, we co-create a plan for well-being, together.

    (1:1, small-large circles; group workshops; professional development; and curricula development).


    ...how are you responding to your life.

    ...the practice of mindfulness is simple and layered. Bring awareness to what is arising in and around you. Access your breath and internal wisdom to connect with your heart + body in the present moment. Utilize the foundations of breathwork, meditation and rest to uplevel your human experience.


    ...create and claim the moments of inner calm.

    ... the body seeks calm in order to find balance. When the mind, body, and soul are allowed to go within, a spacious love can be cultivated, a deep release is possible and a grounding peace is accessible.

    @Cultural Interiors, March 12, 26, 29th Cancelled Due To CV-19

    @The Lighthaus, March 28th, April 25th Cancelled Due To CV-19

    @unplug meditation, ongoing



    ...feel your flow in your physical and subtle body.

    ...like the Earth, our bodies are in flow. Wellness is most possible when that energy is acknowledged, assessed and nurtured. How you choose to move that energy is a matter of self-knowing, present embodiment and innate comfort. Restorative Yoga. Rhythmic Dance.

    @Cultural Interiors, March 12, 26, 29th

    yoga nidra.

    ...experience deep rest and relaxation.

    ... make the time to rest the body and mind so that they may relax, release and renew. Well-being is a state of balance and good health - a health that is nourished on many, if not all, fronts - physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Yoga Nidra is a practice designed to allow the body to fully surrender whatever no longer serves it. It is a graceful and joyful way to engage in deliberate selfcare.

    crystal alchemy sound baths

    ...allowing beautiful sounds to gently caress your body with soothing music, one frequency at a time,

    women's collectives...

    ...co-creating female-identified spaces to release and renew in the company of other Systahs.

    ~Meditation Coalition Women of Color

    ~Systah Sits

    ~Red Tent Discussions

    youth programming...

    ...the deepest wisdom is often found in the hearts and minds of our youth.

    Check out the iBme Teens and Young Adult/ Communities of Color Programming. The End of the Year Celebration is December 18-19th. FREE

    Registration is open now @www.ibme.com.

    plant-based, nutritional coaching...

    ... nourish your body with live foods.

    ...beyond how you are tending to your mind, how are you tending to your body and its nourishment? Do you have balanced meals that create the healthiest body? Have you developed habits that are specifically designed for your body's unique needs?


    ...making the time to focus on oneself is a revolutionary act.

    Coming Up:

    ~May 9th, Daylong for Educators Southern California

    ~Black People Gather @ Big Bar Retreat Center, Indigenous Peoples' Day Extended Weekend

    ~10 Day, New Year's Eve, South Africa Retreat POSTPONED Due To CV-19

    ( www.tinyurl.com/southafricaretreat )

    ~Wellness +Wilderness: Forest Bathing in the UK, January 2021

    ~7 Day Embodied Wellness, Bali , Indonesia 2021

    sistah sits...South Africa New Year Retreat


    Come join us for the Wisdom+Water Retreat, December 26, 2020-January 5th, 2021


    Be sure to check out the website below to

    find out about this fabulous wellness and adventurous experience at http://www.tinyurl.com/southafricaretreat.

    We will be exploring Cape town AND Johannesburg!

    Also, submit your application and sign up for the informational call on Sunday, March 1st. We will discuss all the details about the wellness-centered and adventure activities.


    ...we are having fun creating products that speak a blissful life into our experience.

    Temporarily On Hold Due To CV-19 find our products at https://www.blacklotusrising.org/shop/

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